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Developing marketing strategies require a set of various techniques that could benefit every corner of the business. They should not only bring in the leads, instead, that should have enough ability to even convert them into sales. While this all is possible with some of the robust tools, which are mere designed for something very basic, but even serve the marketing and operational causes. The very first thought that will

Keyword rank tracking tools

SEO, an acronym for Search engine optimization have some specific tools to maximum performance of your website. In case you to have your product via your website on the frontline, then you have to secure good SEO tools. For the sake of this article, we would be treating RankActive and AccuRanker as a tool for putting your website at the forefront.

website visitor recording

Recording and session replay tools for visitors makes it possible for companies to record, save, monitor and if need be, replay activities done on their websites by visitors or their users. Using such tools have been of help to digital marketers in having the full knowledge of the experiences had by users of their respective websites. These tools have been in use for a while, not minding the controversial issue

Bolt formerly Taxify

In this age and era, there are seemingly countless taxi or ride-hailing apps offered by different companies. However, there are some that have clearly stood out from the rest of the pack. Taxify (now called Bolt) is one of the most prominent in this ever-evolving niche of the transport industry. If there are other options, why do over 25 million people choose to go for Taxify once it is time