Airbnb is a site that allows people to rent accommodation. The host creates its own profile page, and a rental profile page also contains recommendations from other people, reviews from the place’s guests and an evaluation of the place, and the host can communicate with the guests via a private messaging system.


Lyft is a transport company in the U.S that stood out among other companies in the riding market. With numerous drivers and riders, they stand out to be the best and most famous ride-sharing companies in the U.S. This article is to enlighten you on the various requirement pertaining to working with Lyft. Working as a driver under Lyft does not require big steps. You don’t need an interview but

Bolt formerly Taxify

In this age and era, there are seemingly countless taxi or ride-hailing apps offered by different companies. However, there are some that have clearly stood out from the rest of the pack. Taxify (now called Bolt) is one of the most prominent in this ever-evolving niche of the transport industry. If there are other options, why do over 25 million people choose to go for Taxify once it is time