What are best SEO rank tracking tools to use?

Keyword rank tracking tools

SEO, an acronym for Search engine optimization have some specific tools to maximum performance of your website. In case you to have your product via your website on the frontline, then you have to secure good SEO tools. For the sake of this article, we would be treating RankActive and AccuRanker as a tool for putting your website at the forefront.

Why RankActive?

RankActive offers a couple of great features that would be helpful in getting your website at the forefront among other similar websites of the same niche. Among this feature is Rank Tracker.

As the name implies, it’s a software that gives you the chance to personally monitor everything about your website in terms of ranking. RankActive has everything you need to monitor the growth of your website in terms of the result you are getting with your SEO. Global tracking of the position with Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

One of the merits of RankActive is that you do not need to bother yourself about checking for an update. With their instant ranking information, real-time information needed would be automatically provided in the form of notification for awareness and to take necessary steps.
Whether you run a website, SEO agent, e-commerce platform, Rank Tracker is a must-have tool if you are willing to put your website at the first roll.

Key features
• With RankActive tracker, you can always get data from major search engines like Google, Bing, Google Maps, Yandex, Google Mobile and Google Map Pack.
• You can also monitor your ranking locally. Every corner, every side of the globe can be tracked in any city, country and any language. With RankActive you can have in your possession local SEO with numerous search engines with a specific location
• RankActive would help you to protect your ranking position and also boost you forward through their daily rank monitoring. RankActive gives a daily update by using Rank Tracker to automatically find out and determine your present position for the day and also give insight into the marketing share you are on.
• You might want to check your update instantly without waiting for notification, you can achieve that by clicking directly on the update.
• Tag your keywords with RankActive. This is another must-have service for every digital marketer. With keywords tag, you can always save yourself from a long list of keywords and create a segment to target your campaign. For every campaign needed, you can always create a new segment for the orderly arrangement of keywords.
• Keywords data. With options like Search Volume, CPC, KEL, total results, etc. you can identify available ranking opportunities by using some essential keyword metrics that have been listed earlier.
• Reasonable fee.

AccuRanker maybe?

This is another SEO tool you can use to boost the position of your website. Their beneficial services include:
• 24-hours keyword update
• Few seconds of data updating
• You can refresh your keywords time to time
• User-friendly API for easy access to your data
• Insightful data and analysis
• High-level metrics across several landing pages
• A reasonable fee as compared to services provided

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  1. I have used several keyword rank tracking tools. And finally I decided to stick to SE Ranking. It’s not only rank tracking tool, it can do much more. AccuRanker is also an interesting product, but SE Ranking just feels more polished. I’d like to have user friendly mobile app. I know it’s in progress so I keep my fingers crossed.


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