The main reasons why many choose Bolt (formerly Taxify)

Bolt formerly Taxify

In this age and era, there are seemingly countless taxi or ride-hailing apps offered by different companies. However, there are some that have clearly stood out from the rest of the pack. Taxify (now called Bolt) is one of the most prominent in this ever-evolving niche of the transport industry. If there are other options, why do over 25 million people choose to go for Taxify once it is time to move? This piece is going to convincingly answer this interesting question.

Reasons why so many people choose Taxify over others

As hinted above, millions upon millions of people remain heavily devoted to Taxify and trends show that is not likely to change anytime soon. Below are some of the most pertinent reasons regarding why this is the preferred choice of taxi for so many:

– Ease of Use: Using the Taxify app is as easy as it gets. It is straightforward and totally not complicated to use. The features are prominent, and the language is stress-free to utilize, even for someone using it for the very first time. All the relevant information is saved and saves the user from the needless hassle of having to remember every single location all the time.

– Emphasis on Safety: Unknown to some, Taxify is extremely serious and attentive when it comes to safety. It is almost an obsessive practice for the company to have a squeaky-clean safety record. As a matter of fact, Taxify believes that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it takes extra measures to avoid recruiting irresponsible and careless drivers. For candidates who want to become drivers on the Taxify platform, it is compulsory to be above the age of 21. But that is not all when it comes to the requirements for Taxify drivers. They also undergo serious background scrutiny to know if the drivers have criminal records or not. Driving skills also must excellent and up to date.

– Staff Welfare: For those who care deeply about how vastly massive companies treat their workers, Taxify is regarded as a shining example to others. This is primarily because Taxify offers a considerably larger share of the profits to their drivers when considered with other rivals in the auto transport industry. There is no better way to keep the passengers happy than to keep the drivers satisfied and appreciated always.

– Customer Care: Any passenger who has had one problem or the other while using Taxify will testify as to how helpful their customer care units are. They are always genuinely interested in helping passengers. As the old maxim goes in business: customer is always right.

What the future holds in store for Taxify?

The trends now point to a very positive future for Taxify. Although it is almost certain that the scene will get even more crowded with new transport companies offering similar services, Taxify has emerged a real industry leader. This is in addition to making some real pacesetter efforts which will make it quite difficult to dislodge this amazing brand.

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