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SE Ranking

Search engine optimization techniques play an important role in determining the growth of a business firm in online marketing that can help to obtain better results. There are various types of practices followed in SEO to enhance the performance levels of a website in search engines. On the other hand, there are some software products available for analyzing a website against all major SEO parameters which ultimately gives ways to

Publish content from RSS feed

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a popular and highly underutilized utility in the online domain. It is a format which is used for publishing content that is to be posted as blog or news. It is a standardized format; hence every RSS feed appears the same. RSS can be thought of like a bookmark which can be used to get regular updates from the websites regularly. It works like an


Airbnb is a site that allows people to rent accommodation. The host creates its own profile page, and a rental profile page also contains recommendations from other people, reviews from the place’s guests and an evaluation of the place, and the host can communicate with the guests via a private messaging system.

Drop formerly Massdrop

Today, the Internet has opened an amazing array of seemingly limitless opportunities for the billions that have come to rely on using it daily. Talking of opportunities, selling and buying things and all sorts of items are some of the most well-known activities done online today. E-commerce is now worth billions upon billions of dollars across the globe. One of the platforms that make these electronic transactions possible is called


Lyft is a transport company in the U.S that stood out among other companies in the riding market. With numerous drivers and riders, they stand out to be the best and most famous ride-sharing companies in the U.S. This article is to enlighten you on the various requirement pertaining to working with Lyft. Working as a driver under Lyft does not require big steps. You don’t need an interview but

Email marketing

The E-mail Marketing represents a very important factor in the companies that manage the sales of their articles through the information in the network. In this way visits to the sites and business platforms greatly influence attracting new customers and arousing interest in the products. Marketing is the classic advertising strategy that suggests a large number of promotional alternatives from physical to digital and that has become indispensable in online

Best VPNs for secure and fast browsing

How sure are you that you are not tracked while using the internet at your home? Even your safest browser could track all your information. Though they say that they do not pass your personal information on to the third-parties. But that is not sure at all. Putting some ground realities together, the ISP is asked to provide the user information to the government, but still, they say they do

jotURL link shortener

Developing marketing strategies require a set of various techniques that could benefit every corner of the business. They should not only bring in the leads, instead, that should have enough ability to even convert them into sales. While this all is possible with some of the robust tools, which are mere designed for something very basic, but even serve the marketing and operational causes. The very first thought that will

Keyword rank tracking tools

SEO, an acronym for Search engine optimization have some specific tools to maximum performance of your website. In case you to have your product via your website on the frontline, then you have to secure good SEO tools. For the sake of this article, we would be treating RankActive and AccuRanker as a tool for putting your website at the forefront.