How does Lyft work and how to use it?


Lyft is a transport company in the U.S that stood out among other companies in the riding market. With numerous drivers and riders, they stand out to be the best and most famous ride-sharing companies in the U.S. This article is to enlighten you on the various requirement pertaining to working with Lyft. Working as a driver under Lyft does not require big steps. You don’t need an interview but just a few questions to know if you and your vehicle meet their requirement. Lyft gives room for the use of personal car under their platform. Once your car fulfills all requirement, then you can set on the road to make your own cash. Below are the various requirement of Lyft.

How does Lyft work?

You just need to make some few taps on your Lyft app, within minutes, thoroughly selected driver would be on their way to your set pick up point. You don’t have to worry about how you are going to know your driver as a picture of him and the car alongside their ETA would be send to you. Lyft even made it possible to watch your driver as he approaches the pick-up point on the map. With map, you can call your driver for any new development. Once your gets to the pick-up point, all you need to do is to confirm name, time, and destination.

Where to sit inside a Lyft?

There is no specific place for you to sit as you have paid to sit anywhere you like in the vehicle. You can take up the driver side and have a chat with the drive as Lyft allows their drivers to talk with customers.

How much does Lyft cost?

Ride cost for Lyft depends on where you are going. Although, there are neutral charge in terms of cost per mile, per minute, per hour, and extra fee when you ask for pick up at prime time. This is to encourage the drivers to get to work since it is out working hour you are demanding for their service.

Rate your Lyft driver after a ride

After the end of your ride, there is a platform created by Lyft to rate your driver on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Comments are also allowed which you are free to discuss with your driver.

Lyft Car Requirements
• 2006 model or a newer car with 4-door is allowed.
• Little cosmetic damage.
• The vehicle must pass mechanical inspection.
• No form of rebuilt.

Unqualified Vehicles
• Full-size vans are not allowed
• Marked vehicles like taxis are not allowed.
• No commercial mark, barge, or some sort of advertisement on the vehicle.
• Rebuilt vehicles are not allowed.

Lyft Driver Requirement
• A minimum of 21 years old is only allowed.
• Compliance with local regulations.
• Must possess a smartphone.
• Maximum of 3 violations in the past three years and no room violations like reckless driving.

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