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Social media network is interesting, but marketing on social media platforms is a time-consuming task. The task becomes tedious as it has no monitoring for responses or even to schedule updates. In fact, it also comprises drawing calendars, creating strategies, creating visuals, responding to queries, finding trending content, influencers, and so on, such that all are equally important.

Save a lot of time with PromoRepublic

Handling manually each of this process is expensive on both money and time. This is the reason that there is a need for effective tools for social media marketing so that the process is simplified and the results are maximized.

Fortunately, PromoRepublic is a visual tool focusing on image sharing with your text. It focuses on the visual content and this is now easier as it already provides a galore of templates. All you need to do is customize by editing the template as per your requirement so that it stays in sync in accordance with the message that you wish to convey.

No content curation, but reposting available

PromoRepublic does not help you in organizing your scheduled content, so you cannot recycle your contents. But, there is an opportunity to repost what you have shared already. There is a calendar view offered by PromoRepublic that allows you to schedule your posts.

The platform assists small business owners by showing them the specific content they need to post for their business. This also includes how to post, the frequency, when to post, design, what to copy, hashtags to be used on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and finally call to actions. The user can make a final content and approve it once for the entire month. This platform, PromoRepublic allows to access around 100,000 + images and templates, and it is also integrated with Yext, Buffer, Hootsuite, and HubSpot.

Best time to publish content? PromoRepublic helps

PromoRepublic automatically posts at the right frequency maintaining the set time. Thus the SME/SMB business owners need not do this heavy lifting or ponder over where to start creating or sharing details or information about their business.

Here are the marketing and social media management tools that can help your business process on social media networks. You can manage effectively your efforts on social media. This is a tool that is not enough all alone. There is a need for tools to run ads relying on the images created and also in creating images

PromoRepublic is one tool that can assist you in executing the tasks. It has the visual editor drag ā€˜nā€™ drop that helps to create posts and also to schedule onto platforms directly such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Are you Canva fan? You will love PromoRepublic

Creating images is also easy with PromoRepublic as it has ready-made handcrafter more than 100,000 templates. In addition to this, PromoRepublic also has royalty-free stock photos that offer content ideas for over 15+ industries. There is an app featuring ‘Smart Posting’ as a built-in and this is available on the dashboard suggesting content ideas.

On creating the images, your posts are easily sent to the tool for smart scheduling. This tool ensures to send it out at the best time, relying on your post type and industry. There is a feature for social monitoring and this helps the business owners to track on social media the client mentions and to provide suitable responses. In the dashboard, multiple users may collaborate and can simplify with ease. You can read more about PromoRepublic’s editor here

Tips on Social Media Marketing automation

Small business owner, a freelancer or some social media pro, everyone wishes to have an efficient presence on social media. No one ever wants a low-quality content or image. It means you must spend more time to form a strategy to follow, make customer contact, and perform other activities driving the business.

The automation tools are in plenty, but there are a few things to know about the automation of social media that helps in making the right decisions. A few automating tips on social media marketing include:

ā€¢ Fill the calendar of social media. Post good quality contents so that the job is done effectively to drive traffic and to create engagement. The tools for social media automation from PromoRepublic can assist you in creating and also in auto scheduling the posts to ensure the posting is done consistently. Look for special days, events, and holidays to fill the calendar of social media so that you are online with the right contextual and related posts.

ā€¢ Know to be around. Scheduling the posts alone is not enough, you may be aware that you have done a great job. Scheduling the posts does not give you the right to be completely out of social media. If your posts are up and you anticipate engagement a bit at least based on your posts, it is crucial for you to have your social presence. There is a need for a real voice and face behind the automating schedule. A definite no-no is automating replies and so it means you must:

– Answer by yourself to the questions in real time.
– Reply in real time to comments
– Reply personally to private messages
– Manually Retweet
– Leave comments and tweet at people all by yourself

There are many Social Media management tools, but PromoRepublic is the one that I use the most often. At the same time I spend less time using PromoRepublic, because of it’s great features i.e. post templates ready for use.

There is a free trial period. And when you are ready for purchase, use PromoRepublic coupon code to pay less. Unless you want to pay a full price.

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