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Developing marketing strategies require a set of various techniques that could benefit every corner of the business. They should not only bring in the leads, instead, that should have enough ability to even convert them into sales. While this all is possible with some of the robust tools, which are mere designed for something very basic, but even serve the marketing and operational causes. The very first thought that will come in mind would be that if a link shortening tool could do the marketing stuff as well, then how much would it cost. That is not something to worry about as the JotURL would cost very low which would comparatively be the cheapest tool for a business.

Not Just Link Shortening, Instead Rebranding

Let’s link the processes of a business to the JotURL. First, a shortened URL is needed to run a marketing campaign. While this tool converts the actual link to the branded URL which helps in maximizing the marketing outcome with the reduced working period. Means in a lesser time, more links could be branded and prepared for the marketing campaign. Consequently, the CTR (click-through rate) increases, and so far it has been noted that it commonly increases by 34% using JotURL.

Put Together the Leads

Once the links have been assembled, the very next job is to generate the leads. And without a proper call-to-action, it is indeed a hunch to earn some potential leads. Well, the amazing thing is that the JotURL, a link shortening tool enables the user to create custom call-to-action plans. Usually, such functionality is available with the optimization tools. But this is indeed weird but awesome to have it with the JotURL.

Track the Conversion

Now is the time to convert the generated leads into sales. And that is solely the job for the inside sales. While the management could sit back and see through JotURL which strategy did actually bring that lead in? Well, a simple and easy way to track down the best strategy that could be utilized once again. And that is yet another feature available with this tool. What they call it is remarketing, put the best technique back into the business.

Strategies are always needed to be added up as the good ones could not be the only cash cow. The available A/B Testing feature makes it fun to test various optimization techniques and see how better each one of them could perform. And the result could make it easier to understand which strategy should be followed. Along with that, the yielding strategy could be targeted and put up again for the show.

Gameplay for Retaining Customers

Along with all these, adding some crisp to the show could retain the returning visitor. Just make JotURL run the script and every time the returning visitor would see a different message and would be routed accordingly.

The JotURL continuously monitors the broken link, so that the marketing campaign is not halted or relegates to lower yield. Using these awesome features a lot of marketers have been able to attract loads of traffic. And obviously they get the chance to raise their conversion rate.

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