Best VPNs for secure and fast browsing

Best VPNs for secure and fast browsing

How sure are you that you are not tracked while using the internet at your home? Even your safest browser could track all your information. Though they say that they do not pass your personal information on to the third-parties. But that is not sure at all. Putting some ground realities together, the ISP is asked to provide the user information to the government, but still, they say they do not track anything. The smartphones, tablets and any other handheld device with internet and browser on it track all the information. But a strong VPN can cater for everything.

Most important features of VPNs

There are a lot of VPNs on the rack, but there are just of bunch of them that qualify the safety tests. Based on the basic mechanism, the price, data theft, file sharing, and privacy, some VPNs have been selected. And these are those options that could be trusted.

Popular VPNs, which I can recommend

First, we look into the cheapest one. The Surfshark is among the cheapest VPNs available, with no logs and unlimited devices to connect. Additionally, torrent, P2P, and Netflix are available. While the Ad-Blocker needs to be acquired separately. But it has a low server count and offers really an average speed to work with.

Next, we look into the NordVPN, a smart as well as an inexpensive option. And it recently earned the Best Overall VPN award. Though new in the market, it strongly covered a major sector and attracted a lot of customers. Further, the NordVPN features, more than 5,000 servers from 62 different locations. And it is based in Panama, means no privacy threats. Indeed cheapest, but no further discounts available unless a three-year plan is picked.

Data is a foremost postulate for which a VPN is acquired. And the ExpressVPN has been classified with no data theft recorded so far. Well, it is available with 30,000 IP address, 3000+ servers and covers 160 server locations. While it could only be set up on 3 devices, under a single license.

The PureVPN is another good option for data protection. Another economical option, which is even among those VPNs that fully execute the general data protection regulations. Additionally, they even offer the bonus points that could make the user grow alongside. Further, the PureVPN offers more than 300,000 IP addresses, 2,000 servers and covers 180 locations.

The P2P sharing and the torrents get better with the IPVanish. Well, it is a mid-range solution with excellent download speed, making it possible to quickly share and receive files. And in the whole process, there is no traffic log created. Under a single license 10 devices could be connected, with over 1000 servers and 60 locations.

Need more on privacy, then the Hotspot Shield would easily do the job. A strict VPN is available at low price with excellent download speed. It is a complete user-friendly suite, with a pre-installed ad-blocker but supports up to 5 devices only. Further, the P2P sharing, torrents, multi-sharing, and transport protocols are not available in this VPN. Indeed it keeps the privacy at its max.

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