Use your RSS to auto-publish content on Social Media platforms

Publish content from RSS feed

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a popular and highly underutilized utility in the online domain. It is a format which is used for publishing content that is to be posted as blog or news. It is a standardized format; hence every RSS feed appears the same. RSS can be thought of like a bookmark which can be used to get regular updates from the websites regularly. It works like an active bookmark which updates itself regularly with the content of the saved source websites. The RSS allows the websites to push out content in a standardized format which are known as feeds. Anyone having internet access and feed reader can subscribe to these feeds.

Use your already published content in Social Media

The social media dashboard called Midrub, allows the users to connect all the RSS feeds and also determine the social media platforms on which such feeds will be published. The flexibility of Midrub to allows the users to post RSS feeds across 20 social media platforms simultaneously makes it a powerful and effective social media management tool. It also allows to publish only the new RSS feeds or publish the current feeds only. It also allows the facility of adding a referral code per RSS. The RSS feed publication using Midrub offers plenty of benefits to the businesses. Some of the key benefits of RSS publishing though Midrub are as follows:

Ease of reaching new users

One of the greatest benefits offered by RSS feed publication using Midrub is that it allows the users to access the content in one place. The users do not have to go around searching for the content, rather the content comes to them. each time there is new content on a subscribed feed, the users are sent notifications of the same. This allows them to be aware of the new content and they can read the same on their convenience. When the users are subscribed to the RSS of the businesses, as soon as the new content is published, it is pushed out to the subscribers at no extra cost to the business. Hence using the RSS has dual advantage of publishing the content to the users without them having to search for the same content. It also saves cost to the business by publishing the content to the subscribers without any cost. It creates a win-win scenario for both the businesses and the subscribers.

Content aggregation

The RSS feeds can be aggregated through a tool called a RSS aggregator. The aggregator tool will scan the subscribed feeds and then post the relevant content to a new website. The RSS publishing feature using Midrub allows for content aggregation. The relevant content and best practices can be aggregated and published on the website of the clients. This rich collection of content from across the industry adds value to the blogs and content of the website and makes it more pertinent and relevant to the end users. This also helps to increase the search engine rankings and drives the organic traffic to the website, due to the relevant content.

Publishing on Social Media

Midrub allows the users to publish the RSS on 20 social media platforms simultaneously, thereby providing wide access of the content by the end users. The publishing of the RSS can be automated and scheduled in advance so that it is rolled out to the users at the appropriate time. It allows for engaging and relevant content to be published to the users and results in better and meaningful engagement of the potential customers. This feature helps in building better awareness and brand image of the business among the potential customers. This is one of the most popular features of RSS publishing using Midrub and leads to effective social media management.

Specialized RSS feeds

Using the social media dashboard- Midrub, the users can use specialized RSS feeds. These specialized feeds are used for communicating specific information to the end users. These are generally used for sharing information pertaining to new product and services being launched with multiple stakeholders, such feeds are effective in disseminating information on new launches to stakeholder groups like vendors, affiliates, customers, etc. It results in faster information dissemination and sharing and helps communicate the information to a wide range of stakeholders. Midrub can be used for setting up specialized RSS feeds, with custom URL and also access restrictions in place,

Call to action

The RSS feeds can be thought of powerful and effective tools which call for action. Some businesses may not have dedicated newsletters and or other specific call to action tools. This may hamper potential sales. The RSS feeds can be used instead by such businesses to better their business prospects. A good RSS feed can be used to communicate with the potential customers and to make them aware about the business and its services. It offers a very cost-effective option to connect with a wide range of potential customers and influence them towards call for action. Content promoted through RSS feeds help to develop good bonding with the potential customers and this has a positive impact towards influencing them on call for action.

Wider publication of post

High-quality content is important for any website. Using RSS feeds publishing feature of Midrub, the content of the clients can be promoted by other professional websites and blogs, if the content is relevant and good in quality. This leads to wider outreach to the potential customers and better brand awareness and image building of the business.


RSS feeds are cost-effective and easy source of creating awareness about the business and brand building. Midrub allows for publishing the RSS across 20 social media platforms at once, which also leads to effective social media management. The content is pushed out to the subscribers and they do not have to search for the content online. It helps to promote the content to the potential customers and is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. It creates a mutually beneficial scenario for the businesses and the end users also. RSS feed publishing through Midrub can drive profitability of the business.

Midrub is popular on Envato Market, because it is powerful and inexpensive. However a tool called Stackposts is popular as well and IMHO has better UI (User Interface). If you are a SaaS-person I would highly recommend PromoRepublic and Agorapulse along with Sendible. Give them a try, a trial period is totally free.

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