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Search engines give more importance to the loading speed of a website for better rankings. A quick loading webpage will get more traffic on search engines that can help to enhance their visibility to a large extent. Large images on a website will take more time to load that can affect the performance levels significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce their sizes with certain types of tools which will help to improve the efficiency levels of a website. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose them with attention undergoing major changes.

What is ShortPixel?

ShortPixel is an image optimizer meant for (not only) WordPress websites allowing users to compress all images with high accuracy. It provides methods to load a website faster with high speeds by reducing the sizes of images. Moreover, the optimizer contributes more to improve the quality of images on a website for getting better visibility. Those who own a WordPress website can benefit a lot from the optimizer that can help to increase the speed significantly. The tool offers image optimization through an API from a cloud-based platform. In addition, it gives ways to shrink images without compromising quality.

What are the advantages of ShortPixel?

Compressing images on a WordPress website takes more time that needs proper solutions. With ShortPixel, it is possible to have better control over images which can help to experience the desired outcomes. Furthermore, it comes with a WordPress plugin thereby showing methods to make changes on images with ease. Some of the features offered by the plugin include:

1. Image compression types

ShortPixel allows users to compress images in three different types and each of them provides an advantage. Lossy, Glossy, and Lossless are the compression types offered by the plugin that can help to compress the images according to needs.

Lossy compression is the recommended option when compared to others because it gives ways to compress images as tight as possible. It does a great job in the image compression process by addressing essential needs.

Glossy compression is a suitable one for those who run photography websites. The option is a perfect choice for optimizing images with high resolution by retaining the details. In fact, it contributes more to compress different types of images with high quality.

Lossless compression allows users to optimize images with a small reduction in file size that can help to obtain better results.

2. Supports a variety of file types

ShortPixel plugin supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, WebP and PDF files thereby helping to compress the images depending on the needs. Besides that, it makes feasible ways to convert PNG into JPEG files. There is an option available for those who want to convert PNG files into transparent backgrounds.

3. Bulk image optimization

ShortPixel is a perfect choice for optimizing bulk images on a WordPress website quickly to save more time. It even helps to optimize thumbnails created by the multiple-sized versions of the images. Users need to set up their preferences once while optimizing bulk images.

4. Original images back up

The primary advantage of ShortPixel is that it enables users to save original images while compressing them. However, it occupies more space and one should choose the right plan that provides more storage options.

5. Advanced tab

ShortPixel offers an advanced tab feature allowing users to optimize images with options that can help to gain more advantages. Some of them include:

Retina image optimization

For those who have a Retina plugin installation, ShortPixel can help to optimize the images along with regular images.

Additional media folders

ShortPixel makes feasible ways to select specific site folders enabling users to optimize the images based on the choices.

Some other features available on advanced tab includes CMYK to RGB conversion, WebP markup generation, WebP versions, and many more.

Cloudflare API

Cloudflare is a feature meant for improving the security and performance of a website with high success rates. ShortPixel allows users to connect Cloudflare by adding important details such as Global API key, Zone ID, and Cloudflare email.

On the other hand, users should turn off Cloudflare’s image optimization feature while working with ShortPixel. This is because one cannot install more than one image optimizer tool on a site and run running both of them at the same time.

How to set up ShortPixel on a WordPress site?

ShortPixel is a free WordPress plugin and users can activate the same form a WordPress site. It is an important one to request for ShortPixel API key by entering the email address. Members will receive an activation key on their mail and they add it in the plugin’s settings.

Users should focus on configuring a few settings after adding an API key. The first thing is to select the compression type for knowing how to compress the images aggressively. There are some options available for members and they can implement them properly.

ShortPixel will start optimizing new images from media library after finishing the plugin compression. In addition, it allows users to compress images manually to experience the desired outcomes. Those who want to compress older images on a website should go to Media feature which has Bulk ShortPixel option.

Then, users should click start optimizing button that will help to compress all the old images on a website with high efficiency. Please, keep in mind that ShortPixel works with any website, not only those running on WordPress. However WordPress plugin gives additional functionality and flexibility. Read more about ShortPixel WordPress plugin here

What are the costs of ShortPixel?

ShortPixel offers a free version for new users allowing them to optimize 100 images per month without any file restrictions. At the same time, anyone who wants to get additional features should select a plan which exactly suits their requirements.

The monthly plans provided by the plugin makes users compress images starting from 5000 to 55,000. Business owners and SEO agencies can benefit a lot from one-time plans because they show methods for optimizing 10,000 to 170,000 images.

ShortPixel even offers dedicated server plans to customers at affordable rates thereby helping to compress bulk images. It is advisable to compare the plans online that give ways to determine the best one that fits a project.

I’ve been using ShortPixel for over a year now and optimized many thousands of images. I’m very happy with this tool. I find ShortPixel much better than TinyPNG/TinyJPG, Imagify, Kraken and many others. You can find ShortPixel coupon code here and receive additional credits.

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